Let me start out by saying. I wish I had taken photos along the way and kept track of the measurements becuase after I was done I knew that this would have been helpful to others. I will try to remember next time...

I started out with a Daystar Upper Dash Panel.

Making the Hole:
I used my Dremmel tool to make a hole in the Daystar panel for my GPS charger. (I have a Garmin 265WT.) Finding the exact location was a challenge. I placed the GPS where I wanted and used a ruler to find the locaion of the power. I cut the hole a little at a time checking all the time. I suggest you use masking tape to mask where you want the hole. I did mess up once and had to get a second Daystar panel. Remember this is a one-way trip so be careful.

The cable with the Garmin has a right-angle connector. It just fit in the Daystar panel (it was a tight fit and it took a bit of working to get in to poke through the hole.) Once it was through, it was very secure so I did not need to do anything to keep it in place.


Keep the GPS unit from moving:

I used the HandStands sticky pad to keep it from moving around while driving. I found the pads at the checkout line at my Ace Hareware.

I had to cut the pad to fit and use double-sided tape to keep it down (it would curl up at the ends). I used 3M mounting tape.

For Power:
I used the charger that came with the GPS unit. I did not modify it in any way. I took off the center consol (see the U-Connect instruction pages 6-9 for instruction on removing the panel - You also may need to remove the two screwes that are behinf the lower panel. To remove the lower panel pry it off like you did the top) I used a 12V power outlet that I got at Ace Hardware. I cut the end off and spliced into the power outlet wire inside the dash (the one on the left that is switched with the key). I used quick splice connectors from AutoZone (make sure you get the positive and negative wires correct). I was able to then plug the charger into the outlet and cram it into a space in the center consol. I routed the cable up to the top by removing the radio and routing the cable on the right side.

It works great

Here is a pic. (it's a bit dusty - we had been out all weekend with the top down and doors off)

With the GPS: